Werner Nadolnys Jane präsentiert: - Mountain Ash - Moments  (CD) (6602459185305)

Werner Nadolny's Jane Presents: - Mountain Ash - Moments (CD)


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In the late seventies and early eighties, Mountain Ash, the band around "Werner Naolnys Jane" guitarist Dete Klamann, was one of the busiest bands in Hanover and the region.
In 1976 they recorded their single in the legendary Ton Cooperative in Hanover and in 1980 their LP in the Jane Studio in Sarstedt. Now the recordings are available for the first time, digitally remastered, on a CD.
In the booklet of the CD, the fan will find a QR code that leads to an internet site where many photos from Dete Klamann's "Mountain Ash" photo album can be found.

01 Salaam
02 Moments In Our Life
03 Island Of Peace
04 Imagination
05 My Child
06 dreams
07 Silence Is Louder Than Crying
08 Smoker's Sorrow
09 Devils In The Sky
10 Mountain Ash III