Werner Nadolny’s Jane - Proceed With Memories... (CD) (5871783903385)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - Proceed With Memories... (CD)


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For its tenth anniversary, the CD "Proceed With Memories..." is now being released in a new guise. This CD was Werner Nadolny's big musical farewell to his longtime fellow musician and companion Peter Panka. For this purpose he had invited many former band musicians and friends to the studio to record this farewell CD with them. Jutta Weinhold (Velvet Viper, Zed Yago) and Geff Harrison (Kin Ping Meh) were the singers. The present "10th Anniversary Edition" not only got a new artwork, it was also musically expanded. Here you will find, among other things, two songs created especially for this CD ("Keep Your Head Up High" & "One Night At The Opera"). These tracks were produced exclusively for the CD by Werner Nadolny together with Gaby Neitzel - a long-time fellow musician with Lady Jane.

01 true romance
02 tributes
03 Requiem
04 Uncried Tears
05 Sometimes
06 Inside Of You
07 The One Outside
08 So So Long
09 One Night At The Opera
10 Keep Your Head Up High (Feelings 2018)
11 Tributes (Radio Edit)
12 The One Outside
13 Peter's Live Edit (Bonus Track)