Werner Nadolnys Jane - The Complete Journey (3CD) (5871747104921)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - The Complete Journey (3CD)


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3 CD box with "The Journey I", "The Journey II" and the album "The Journey III-Arrival" - it is the quintessence of musical creativity. For all fans and new discoverers of the Krautrock legend, Werner Nadolny's Jane now has a real treat in the form of the 3-CD box set "The Complete Journey". A musical journey through more than 45 years of band history.

CD1 "The Journey I"

01 All My Friends
02 Lady
03 daytime
04 Fire, Water, Earth And Air
05 Way To Paradise
06 Out In The Rain
07 Windows/Spain/Love Your Life
08 Back Again
09 Hangman

CD2 "The Journey II"

01 The Transformation
02 Here I Am
03 I Need You
04 Love Me Or Leave Me
05 In My Life
06 Be To See
07 Timel
08 Beautiful Lady
09 Give Me Your Feeling
10 You 11 Fortyfour (Outro)

CD3 "The Journey III-Arival"

01 Here We Are
02 I Believe
03 Another Day, Another Way
04 Tomorrow
05 Better For You, Better For Me
06 Believe Me
07 Someone
08 Waiting for the Sunshine
09 The Last Time
10 Angel Of Death
11 Pendragon
12 Morgan LeFay
13 Outro - Like A Queen