Werner Nadolnys Jane - The Journey I (CD) (5948064432281)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - The Journey I (CD)


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The musical journey of the band is presented under the name "The Journey I". The tracks included on the first CD in this series are songs from the 1970s and 1980s. With the death of JANE founder Peter Panka, co-founder Werner Nadolny followed in his footsteps to preserve his friend's legacy, bring JANE's music into the present day and develop a new JANE feeling with the new musicians . With the successor formation, the journey starts all over again – The Journey.” (Terrorverlag)

01 All my friends
02 Lady
03 daytime
04 Fire, water, earth & air
05 way to paradise
06 Out in the rain
07 Windows / Spain / Love your life
08 Back again
09 Hangman