Werner Nadolnys Jane - The Journey II (CD) (5871705358489)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - The Journey II (CD)


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When something ends, it is often the beginning of something new. So the death of my longtime friend and fellow musician PETER PANKA in 2007 was ultimately the signal for me to document our common JANE history on the one hand, but also to continue it in his spirit on the other. I dared to do this balancing act with WERNER NADOLNYS JANE after finally being able to end the successful search for the most suitable musicians for this cause in 2010. In the same year we re-recorded what I consider to be outstanding songs from the 70s JANE years with the CD “THE JOURNEY I”, but then also took the path into the future with the CD “ETERNITY” (released in 2011).
The surprising success of our Maxi CD "STOPOVER" (released in 2013), actually only intended as an intermediate step on our journey, encouraged us to start work on the CD "THE JOURNEY II - Transformation" immediately and now to bring it to a happy end . After the 70s of "The Journey I" the journey now takes us to the 80s and 90s JANE. Again we have made an interesting selection of songs, which hopefully also suits the taste of our fans. I wish you a lot of fun on our journey.

01 The Transformation
02 Here I Am
03 I Need You
04 Love Me or Leave Me
05 In My Life
06 Be to See
07 time
08 Beautiful Lady
09 Give Me Your Feeling
10 You
11 Fortyfour (Outro)