Werner Nadolnys Jane - The Journey III - Arrival (CD) (5871737340057)

Werner Nadolny's Jane - The Journey III - Arrival (CD)


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The idea was born on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the band's founding. How about taking a journey through the 40 years of band history? Werner Nadolny and his bandmates asked themselves this question in 2010 and started work. However, all songs should be recorded by the current band in today's sound without neglecting the JANE spirit. The concept of a trilogy, i.e. dividing the whole thing over three albums, was completed relatively quickly. Shortly thereafter, the first recording followed, the CD "The Journey - best of '70 - '80", equipped with some of the most successful JANE songs ever.

01 Here We Are
02 I Believe
03 Another Day, Another Way
04 Tomorrow
05 Better For You, Better For Me
06 Believe Me
07 Someone
08 Waiting for the Sunshine
09 The Last Time
10 Angel Of Death
11 Pendragon
12 Morgan LeFay
13 Outro - Like A Queen