Werner Vogt - Inci (CD) (5871806251161)

Werner Vogt - Inci (CD)


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Werner Vogt is really no longer a young hop and has been hanging around in the clubs and on the stages of the republic with various bands in the most diverse styles of popular music for many years. INCI, his second CD under his real name after "Rock `n`Roll Monument", is always proof of this experience and calmness in dealing with rock and pop. Twelve from beginning to end composed and stylistically stringent songs with a total of more than 50 minutes of music are collected on the CD and want to be heard.
His German texts are of the finest quality and could easily be the subject of a poetry seminar. His songs, by guitarist Mickey Meinert and keyboardist Achim Meier dressed in a densely spun instrumental framework, are not actually commercial, but they get stuck in your ear canals the first time you hear them and with their rousing messages they not only touch your heart, but also your heart also get stuck in the so-called neural networks in the head. All in all an album for fans of the German language and of popular music in the upper segment in terms of quality.

01 Inc
02 Tell me why
03 Aquarius
04 Half the moon
05 This is me
06 Let me go
07 Laika
08 Hold my hand
09 Land in sight
10 Jimmy keep at it
11 Crazy About You
12 Waiting for the wind