Werner Vogt - Rock ’n’ Roll Denkmal (CD) (5871701557401)

Werner Vogt - Rock 'n' Roll Monument (CD)


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Werner Vogt is a veteran of the East Westphalian rock and pop scene. In 1964 he started covering British and American beat music with his first band, The Loadstones, then came to Rhythm & Blues with Bad Pyrmont's The People, and later brought his own progressive rock to the stage with Virus, which today is still heard and collected all over the world.

01 Rock 'n' Roll Monument
02 watch out
03 cardiac fibrillation
04 together
05 You and me
06 Hold your truth in the light
07 High above the sea
08 A man
09 Behind the pillars
10 My heart and your heart
11 years have passed
12 Listen to the soft melodies
13 Rock 'n' Roll Monument (single)