Where’s The Grace? - Expertum Scire (CD) (5871796748441)

Where's the Grace? - Expertum Scire (CD)


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Where's the Grace? – If you ask yourself that, you should definitely visit a concert by the three German-French musicians who have made this question their name. Her trilingual music is indeed appealing. With passion and dedication to both the cover songs and their own compositions, Florence "Flöschen" Fournelle (lead vocals), Alexander "Alex" Knerr (guitar, vocals) and Christoph "the dark Teddybear" Müller (cajòn, vocals) escape everyday life. They take their audience straight to a place of charm, wit and glory. By the way, humming along gets you there even faster. In 2012, Alex founded Where's The Grace? and found an answer in 2014's Florence. A year later, Christoph finally joined the two and completed the trio. This year the band will release their first EP on Timezone Records.

01 Tell Me
02 promises
03 troubles
04 Leave Me Alone
05 Ode To The Music