Wippsteert – Alke-Bundle (5977402474649)
Wippsteert – Alke-Bundle (5977402474649)

Wippsteert – Alke Bundle


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"Alke kum! Are you going with me?” - “Töf! I still want to take the eenn shoe, move up to the men, then I want to get the Düwel wool!"

The old auk must have been amazed when he and his inn suddenly sank into the ground and left nothing but a deep hole. If only he hadn't been so greedy, then Alke wouldn't have to live - cursed for all eternity - as a demonic wagon wheel. Farmer Grumfeld saw it with his own eyes when he challenged the burning wheel to a race for a few pieces of silver. Whole generations in the Osnabrück region have passed on how it ended in the "Alkensage" and Wippsteert tells in their song "Alke" from the new album "An un' för sück".

The limited "Alke" box comes with "An un' för sück" on CD including the single "Alke", a shapely Wippsteer beer mug with coaster and a print of the Alken legend. But let the pinwheel on the tankard be a warning to you! Not that you fare like the greedy innkeeper and his tavern.