Wippsteert - An un’ för sück (CD) (5871814770841)

Wippsteert - An un' för sück (CD)


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Here comes the Platt revolution with folk rock in Low German from the Osnabrücker Land. Wippsteert invite you to a special kind of Plattdüütsch evening: melodic alternative rock meets thundering folklore and pub charm from a guitar case. In short: Mucke up Platt. Own compositions with rustic lyrics tell everyday stories and provincial wisdom, which many a dialect friend has found himself bawling along at the edge of the stage. Thanks to the mandolin, banjo or harmonica, Wippsteert becomes a rock band with a folk touch - down-to-earth, honest and straightforward.
With "An un för' sück" Wippsteert released their second full-length album in 2019 in cooperation with Timezone Records. Already the opener "Alke" is a token of love for the Low German language. When an innkeeper's greed grows too great while distracting the villagers from their duties, he falls to his doom. He sinks into the ground with his inn and from then on is doomed to eke out an existence as a ghost. It is still said today that at 12 o'clock in the night it can be conjured up. Whole generations handed down the "Alkensage". It tells the story of the origins of the village of Alfhausen in the Osnabrück region and has now been set to music by Wippsteert. To cheat on? Doesn't know the Low German. He eats "Urvert Öwer". Apart from the campfire story "Alke", the five musicians tell "in and for themselves" stories of home - of solidarity ("Holt un Isen") and loss ("Wii"), the forces of nature ("De Wind") and community (" Schwotte & Witte"). Who doesn't know them, the never-ending night of drinking (“Knäidäipte”) or the odd guy from the neighborhood (“ Wenn' we umm nich hat hadden”)? "An un för' sück" was recorded and produced by Matthias Lohmöller in the DocMaKlang studio in Osnabrück. The production is funded by the regional association Osnabrücker Land and the district of Osnabrück.

01 auks
02 Anne Forsuck
03 As Holt & Isen
04 Wi
05 Schwotte & Witte
06 De wind
07 Urvert Öwer
08 De Dicken Aiken
09 Knäidäipte
10 If we didn't have hadden
11 I am de Man