Wippsteert - Folkplattcore (CD) (5900570263705)

Wippsteert - Folkplattcore (CD)


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Not only good drinking water for Osnabrück comes from Thiene, but also extraordinary cultural assets: there, in the north of the city, Low German is cultivated by young people who have founded a band. "We've been playing together for a long time, we covered oldies before. But actually we always wanted to make our own songs," says bassist David Hausfeld. When it came to whether to sing in German or English, frontman Marcus Bruns came up with the idea of ​​using Low German. He grew up with it and the other band members also speak Platt. "We think it's a cool language that shouldn't be forgotten," says Hausfeld. At the same time, they wanted to take the old-fashioned way out of Low German: "Peasant romance is not our thing." "Platt is cool language"
For example, Bruns now sings about the radiation caused by a mobile phone: "Your cell phone is in the task, it's lit and fibbering a lot like a lamb steer" says the song "Dör die dör". Or he advocates breaking out of the daily routine and doing something: "Aff inne Sünne".
Nine songs can be heard on the album, recorded in a folky or rocky way with mandolin, banjo and guitar. Andre Stuckenberg sings and plays the mandolin, Tobias Prause takes care of the rhythms, bass player Hausfeld sometimes unpacks the trumpet, Bruns can also play the harmonica and Tobias Büscherhoff completes the quintet sound with banjo, guitar and vocals. (Source: NOZ, Tom Bullman)

01 Don't wake me up
02 Dusseldorf Disk
03 Dör The Dör
04 Af inne Sinne
05 Use Tiet
06 Kötter As Me Ment
07 Hang'et Up
08 May
09 Watt Then Kump