wirfürwen - Brems das Karussell (CD) (5871730753689)

wirfürwen - brake the carousel (CD)


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Wirfürwen return with a new record more head-on than ever and leave no one behind without a mischievous smile. The result of the collaboration with producer Uli Wortmann (Kleinstadthelden) is a clear, catchy and driving document of their time together.
Lines like "I'm not a doctor, but I know a few patients" stand out in the German-speaking indie scene. They are embedded in haunting guitar riffs, beats striving for a new beginning, sophisticated bass lines and funky synthesizer and piano parts. The almost forgotten harmonica sets the tone. The dirtier sound lets the foursome sound as if they have changed, despite the unchanged line-up, when a dance part follows, free from fear of contact and selective pathos, before one is allowed to relax in a laid-back number after a lot of dancing legs.

1. Sexy folds
2. Good time
3. Don't get rid of yourself
4. Once more
5. Love us silently
6. Get in
7. Faithfulness to everyday life
8. Catherine
9. Gimmick
10. Yes of course
11. Stay awake
12. Human