wirfürwen - Dämonisiert EP (CD) (5948063285401)

wirfürwen - Demonized EP (CD)


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The single "Dämonisiert" from the album "Soweit alles gut" in 5 different versions.
"Musically, the modern interpretation of guitar rock is reminiscent of Gisbert zu Knyphausen." (diabolo-mox.de)

"The sound of Wirfürwen is roughly comparable to that of Coldplay or Die Sterne." (http://www.noz.de)

"a mixture of children of prosperity, scrap limit and a big own note." (handwritten-mag.de)

01 Demonized (Album Version)
02 Demonized (Makulatur Remix)
03 Demonized (Massy Remix)
04 Demonized (Bedsn Remix)
05 Demonized (Flow.Experience Remix)