WirFürWen - Heimspiel (live) (CD) (5871829254297)

WirFürWen - home game (live) (CD)


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When four buddies have been making music together for almost 20 years, then a live release is actually overdue, isn't it? Especially when you harmonize as well on stage as we do. The previous time as teammates in soccer seems to have been formative, at least that's what the title of the live EP that is now being released suggests: Home game. But it couldn't have been more accurate, because the whole thing was recorded where Daniel Hohorst (vocals), Dennis Bokelmann (drums), Jörg Niedderer (bass/piano) and Torben Abt (guitar) first performed together in 2001: In her hometown, Schwanewede.
But the fans of the first hour had to wait 10 years for this homecoming. But a lot had happened in the meantime: two albums and two EPs were released, well over 200 gigs were played on tours across the country, as well as festival shows at the Deichbrand and the Area 4 Festival, among others. So now it was high time to return to the stage where it all began. Meeting place Schwanewede. That doesn't sound like a stadium show, nor should it. You can hear honest, handmade rock and pop music with outstanding German lyrics that are second to none. The grandiose atmosphere of the full-length concert in the naturally sold-out first place of work was captured absolutely authentically and a 6-track EP was compiled from it with the highlights of the evening. From the euphoric openers ("Give your life" & "Will not get rid of you"), to the ballad block ("Mann im Pajamas" & "Love us still") and dance and join-in classic "Katharina" to the encore and Also thematically absolutely current single "Weltuntergang", this live recording takes us on a dynamic audio concert journey. With "Mann im Pyjama" there is even a previously unreleased track that gives hope for an upcoming third album.

1. Give your life
2. Don't get rid of yourself
3. Man in Pajamas
4. Love us silently
5. Catherine
6. Doomsday