wirfürwen - Soweit alles gut (CD) (5906919325849)

wirfürwen - so far everything is fine (CD)


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WirFürWen present the brand new album "Soweit alles gut".
You can hear twelve songs that are stories at the same time. WirFürWen deliver statements that range from tongue in cheek to finger lifting, and in doing so they take a stand for themselves: the normal and the extraordinary, the banal and the profound.
The Bremen school says hello and treats itself to its own campaign. In addition to musical freshness and versatility, "Soweit alles gut" stands for the desire for more interpersonal relationships instead of isolation in the digital age. A clear statement full of esprit and longing.

01 I'm sick
02 end of the day
03 In search
04 Love / Cabal
05 Demonized
06 The same impulse
07 Always here
08 You think too much
09 Toward Peace
10 people with a clue
11 lives on the side
12 night and fog