Wyne Garden - June (CD) (5871721742489)

Wyne Garden - June (CD)


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Where retro is only looking backwards, vintage uses old means in a new guise and can be very visionary - as is the music of Wyne Garden. The lyrics of the Bielefeld singer's dreamy English-language garage-Schrammel-Pop range between glorious fatalism and bittersweet fantasies. The baritone sings about the longing for more, about suffering and love, topics that move people in their early 20s - lo-fi escapism as Super 8 flicks that have become music with campfire verve.
If Wyne Garden's sound was a mixtape, it would have been created as a love tribute to the secret crush with songs from the Velvet Underground, MGMT and Mac DeMarco. With “June”, the first EP will be released on September 25th on the Osnabrück label Timezone. The seven songs, all recorded on an 8-track tape machine in the parental basement, combine an instrumentation of guitar, keys and rhythm section with the singer's distinctive voice. With a three-piece band and tape delay in their luggage, they are currently on a concert tour across Germany. Those who weren't there will only be told afterwards - that would be retro. But vintage smells, tastes and lives – as does Wyne Garden's music.

01 Believe Me
02 Sentimental Heart 03 June
03 Jun
04 You'll Be Fine
05 Halfway Out
06 Much Better
07 Washing The Dishes