YAK - The Best For Us (CD) (5871758213273)

Yak - The Best For Us (CD)


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The four-piece band from Hamburg tills unused ground: when an Irish tin whistle meets a slapped guitar, they call it folk funk. When a piano and a bassoon provide the carpet for three-part singing, it becomes strangely atmospheric pop. Picking guitar, tambourine and female vocals? OK, that was already there, so retro.
Yak captions her compositions with political, neo-Dadaist and (usually unhappy) love songs. The first album "The best for us" contains 14 songs that couldn't be more different - evil and lovely, angry but controlled.

01 The best for us
02 Cannot see you
03 Sight on
04 Scarecrows
05 I felt sorry
06 Thank you Bob
07 cry for you
08 The beautiful south
09 Drown by law