Yer International Humbug - Earth Moved Slowly (CD) (5871762047129)

Yer International Humbug - Earth Moved Slowly (CD)


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Yer international humbug. A project initiated by the Berlin guitarist and singer Marceese Trabus, who has been up to mischief in the desert rock band Red Stoner Sun for almost two decades and has been on an endless solo acoustic tour for the past ten years.
The idea of ​​playing psychedelic, progressive rock with an acoustic guitar is certainly not new. On the debut album "Earth Moved Slowly" one believes to hear something unheard of. No song is like the other. The balancing act ranges from the Floyd meets Sabbath title track, to the almost 10-minute dark, trance-like "Eclipse", to the rough instrumental bulldozer "Aquelarre", and from the fragile, gentle "Don't Feed The Machine" and a driving solo acoustic version of "Another Brick In The Wall Pt.2" to the catchy chorus of "Now Here Is Nowhere". The seven tracks total 47 minutes. In addition to Berlin percussion icon Tayfun Schulzke on drums, Marceese was also able to win Bugl (ex-Orwo6) for bass.
"Earth Moved Slowly" is not a hit album. There is no play tip. You have to listen to it in its entirety to fully understand it. Or as someone once said: "You don't need drugs to enjoy this record, you'd rather need this record to enjoy drugs."

1. Earth Moved Slowly
2. Eclipse
3. Let The Motors Run
4. Aquelarre
5. Don't Feed The Machine
6. Another Brick In The Wall Part II
7. Now Here Is Nowhere