You Guitarprayer - Art Won't Tear Us Apart Again (12" Vinyl-Album) (5871811100825)

You Guitarprayer - Art Won't Tear Us Apart Again (12" vinyl album)


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You Guitarprayer is a Psychedelic Noise Rock trio from Cologne, formed in 2016, consisting of Soheyl Nassary (vocals, guitar), Scharco (bass) and Spiro Kotsomitopoulos (drums). All band members have a long music history in the indie noise area (Nicoffeine, Tarngo, Clarky's Bacon, Genepool, etc.) and were on the cult label BluNoise Records, operated by the German indie pope Guido Lucas, who died much too young.
On their first long player "Art Won't Tear Us Apart Again", recorded in the band's own Neon Love Studio, mixed and mastered in Geneva's REC Studio by the exquisite sound engineer Serge Morattel (The Young Gods, Ventura, Knut), You Guitarprayer unleash an extravagant sound scenario , which fires atmospherically dense through several musical decades and has its own sound orbit of explosive thunderstorms of noise and sophisticated, fast-paced psychedelic rock with a powerful freak-out soul.

01 Black Khaleesi
02 Bat Capone
03 Muscle Rub
04 Three Times Three
05 Art Won't Tear Us Apart Again
06 Lupus Dei
07 Corazon Horizon
08 White Squire