Yvi Wylde - Provinzrocker (CD) (5871776235673)

Yvi Wylde - provincial rocker (CD)


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"Sounds like: David Lee Roth meets Marie Fredriksson under the disco ball" Westfälische Nachrichten

Everything traditional is withdrawn from the blues in a charming way, all the nasty sounds of the 80s are unpacked and the funky disco scene of the 70s is also properly turned through the mangle with a constant wink. The snotty, Hendrix-tinged guitar playing and one or two jazz licks definitely make the glam rock disco blues of the Yvi Wylde Trio an experience. The intention of Yvi Wylde and her Brothers From Other Mothers? - bring the guitar back into pop music!
After various performances for and with artists such as Culcha Candela, Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen and Jennifer Batten, Yvi grabbed her two comrades-in-arms Rolf and Hendrik in 2013 and since then has been trying to conjure up a few chic guitar riffs in the old Prince manner. The hippie blues band already proved with their debut album that the music of the three cannot be pigeonholed. The second album by the crazy trio is not for the faint of heart and die-hard genre fans. However, those who are open-minded cannot avoid "provincial rockers" and experience a wonderful journey through electro, pop of the 80s, rock, country, blues and funk. Binding link: Of course the guitar! The trio was able to win keyboarder Tim Möller, singer Tobias Eisenworth and Udo Lindenberg bassist Stef Stephan as guest musicians alongside long-time companions Björn Diewald and Lars Havelberg.

01 Home Is Where The Heart Is
02. slave
03 Fake It Until You Make It
04 Couldn't Stand Losing You
05 Higher Than The Sun
06 Shake What Your Mama Gave Ya
07 birthday song
08 David
09 Home Is Where The Heart Is (Acoustic)
10 Home Is There The Heart Is (Live)