Yvi Wylde - The Supersonic Karma (CD) (5871731409049)

Yvi Wylde - The Supersonic Karma (CD)


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Yvi Wylde sounds like David Lee Roth meets Marie Fredriksson under the disco ball. That's what the Westfälische Nachrichten from Münster thinks.
In fact, Yvi Wylde turns every musical taste inside out with her glam rock disco blues in the spin cycle. On "The Supersonic Karma" Yvi Wylde and her band charmingly remove everything traditional from the blues, garnish it with all the sound escapades of the eighties and at the same time target the glittering funky disco scene of the seventies - with a fat wink, of course. Some snotty guitar playing à la Hendrix and a few jazz licks to go with it? Hell yeah!

01 Baby I Feel Alright (Radio Edit)
02 Supersonic Karma
03 Never Too Late
04 Stars
05 You Don't Have To Be Strong
06 Pretty Electric
07 Someone Stole My TV
08 Every Time You Leave
09 The Wedding Blues
10 Lipstick And Leather
11 Baby I Feel Alright (Album Version)