Yvonne Louise - Herzstück (CD)

Yvonne Louise - Heart (CD)


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How does life sound?
Yvonne Louise, singer/songwriter from Osnabrück, is looking for the answer to this question in her music. With catchy German pop songs, she illuminates the hustle and bustle outside and inside. Her music sounds like life itself - sometimes quiet and gentle - sometimes thrillingly lively. As a professional singer, Yvonne has been on stage with many big cover and gala bands for years, serving all genres from rock to pop.
She used the Corona break to devote more time to her own music. Last year, Yvonne released her first single "A New Life" under the Osnabrück label Timezone. Her successful YouTube channel now has more than 20,000 subscribers. She has already been nominated twice for the BackstageFM Newcomer Show. Her album "Herzstück", consisting of 13 multifaceted songs from her own pen, was produced by the musician/producer Ralf Diesel and will be released on October 21st, 2022. "Everyone can find a piece of themselves in my music," says Yvonne Louise.

01 Life is beautiful
02 You are missing
03 home
04 A new life
05 Don't let go
06 heart to heart
07 That's how you are
08 Sad but true
09 I'm holding you
10 Yes!
11 After 25 years
12 When love becomes life
13 Like an eagle