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Dark - I have time (CD)


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Everyone should be familiar with the letters on some of the packaging on the shelves. Exactly the ones that stand out from the rest. "Dark" is written in golden lettering. But the 5 members of the band are not about chocolate. It's more about German lyrics, about songs that life writes in combination with a rock sound. After a long journey in other bands on various stages in Germany ( but also in Holland and the Czech Republic ), the guys founded the band Zartbitter at the end of 2018. Two years later, the musicians released their debut album, Ich hab Zeit, which was produced by Sawdust Recordings. At the same time, the video for the song “When we were children” will be released.

01 headwind
02 roller coaster
03 The game
04 voice within you
05 Like in a fairy tale
06 When we were children
07 When angels fly
08 Andrew
09 Priceless
10 My Friend (Part II)
11 I have time