Zaruk - Hagadá (CD) (5871752282265)

Zaruk - Hagadá (CD)


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One of the youngest shoots of the creative Madrid music scene is the duo Zaruk, consisting of the cellist Iris Azquinezer and the German guitarist Rainer Seiferth, who has lived in Spain since 2005. On their debut "Hagadá" Zaruk devote themselves entirely to the music of the Sephardic Jews who were expelled from Spain at the end of the 15th century and settled in various regions of the Mediterranean. Their songs are colored by the sounds of these regions and there is always a touch of melancholy about their lost Spanish homeland, Sefarad.

01 Las Tres Hermanicas
02 Kol Dodi
03 A la Scola del Allianza
04 Como la Rosa en la Huerta
05 Hagada
06 Desde Hoy la Mi Madre
07 Adio Querida
08 A la una Yo Naci
09 Los Guisados ​​de la Berenjena
10 A la Nana ya la Buba
11 Avridme Galanica
12 La Vida Es un Pasaje
13 Ajde Jano