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Zed Mitchell - Wow (CD)


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He is considered a musical jack-of-all-trades, one of the best guitarists in Europe, has enjoyed international success for years and inspires with his extraordinary 5-octave voice: we are talking about blues rocker Zed Mitchell. With his album "Wow", which will be released on September 7th, 2018, Zed Mitchell delivers one of the best albums of his career. The English-language blues rock album sets standards and invites you to listen, linger and reflect. Thoroughly honest blues meets rock elements, set vocal highlights and intoxicates with precise solos on the guitar. It is an album that is peppered with surprises, that reflects the colorful life between octaves and takes the listener on a melodic journey through the heart right from the start. The feeling that arises immediately when listening and that releases you at the end of the album can only be described in one word: "wow" ! All twelve tracks from the new album "Wow" is written and produced by Zed Mitchell. All guitars were recorded together with his son Todor, whose unique talent is once again proven on the album.
Vocally concentrates "Wow" to the mesmerizing, deeply warm 5-octave voice of Zed Mitchell. Recorded in Essen and Berlin, mastered by Michael Schwabe at the Monoposto Studios in Essen, Zed Mitchell's new album once again demonstrates all of his skills and love for his craft. There are heart-rending songs that have emerged. Songs from which the love of music is already evident in the first notes. Songs that appear spiritual but are profound. Open ears and hearts because they exude relaxation, tension, calm and amusement. You want to order a long drink, listen to the guitar master on stage in lounge chairs, set sail and surrender to the music and your feelings. Zed Mitchell treats the soul, the ears and every stage to a WOW wave that needs to be heard. This album will delight blues lovers a lot, it will bring the love of blues rock to new people, it goes straight to the heart and makes you want to hear it again and again. Treat yourself to the WOW effect in life. Treat yourself to Zed Mitchell's latest album.

1. Black Swan
2.You Are Not Alone
3. Now Is Our Time
5. Take It On The Chin
6. The Train Has Gone
7. Living A Lie
8. Once
9. Home Is With You
10. Listen To Your Heart
11. Tomorrow
12. The Man In My Mind