Zeit für Neue Musik - Perspektiven - Bayreuther Komponisten (CD)

Time for New Music - Perspectives - Bayreuth Composers (CD)


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Apart from a few special events, the Festival Zeit für Neue Musik in Bayreuth mainly takes place in March and has meanwhile established itself as an integral part of Bayreuth's cultural scene. And it's not only in the professional world that it has made a name for itself nationally and internationally as a festival of rank far beyond the borders of the Wagner city and beyond Bavaria.

01 Grail Sounds
02 Lonely watching
03 poems
04 Interlude 4
05 Tristan and Isolde
06 Farewell
07 Lively sounds
08 Trois visions - The temple vision of Isaiah
09 Trois visions - The field of death
10 Trois visions - The new Jerusalem
11 interlude 5