Zydeco Playboys - Just Do It (CD)

Zydeco Playboys - Just Do It (CD)


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Hardly an eternity goes by and there's already a new album by the Zydeco Playboys... JUST DO IT.
An infectious groove as soon as the first song “Mr. Zydecos Dance” is running – snap, whistle and swear away. Attention: No computer onomatopoeia, but real and cross-generational music with Louisiana & Downsouth basics. From the washboard to alligator love sounds to dried nuts, everything is in use. Accordion, electric guitar, straight bass & drums foundation anyway...
The album contains 12 original songs plus Cést la vie by Chuck Berry. A rich underbody with Rhythm&Blues&Roll. On it are zydeco-heavy songs like "Whatta kind of money do you like?", "Gros Coup" and "Backyard Lady" with fat accordion including ironic lyrics! Here the Cajun and waltz-heavy "Wanderlust" with a nice slide guitar. Da Cajun-French in innovative folk rocker "Cést tout ya" and traditional "Choucroute a la Allemand". There Spanish in the Texmex polka "Una cerveza y dos copa de vino" and also "Lleno de vida" with wonderful bass sequences and conga + timbale thunderstorm in the guitar outrosolo. In The Gator Groove, Dr. John around the corner, starts with cool sounds and ends dynamically in a solo battle with guitar and organ. And the roots rocker "Just do it" is on the road "on behalf of the accordion" and possibly the LosLobos fan base. The conclusion with “Last Island” is completely bluesy. Choral singing is always added by all band members. Skilfully arranged songs, not just eternal roots fuss. But also no short songs trimmed for radio - there is always something new to discover - sounds, dialogues, odd bars! A really varied album to listen to. If you love to groove – JUST DO IT!
Since 1994, the Zydeco Playboys have been among the recognized Zydeco & Roots acts in Europe. This positive energy can still be felt. High sound quality guaranteed - mixed & mastered by Matthias Ulmer (Anyones Daugther, Keyboarder PUR, Arranger&Keys HR-Kunze, Gotthardt, etc.)

6-page digipack with 20-page booklet and total length of more than 54 minutes.

01 Mr. Zydeco's Dance
02 Whatta Kind Of Money Do You Like?
03 wanderlust
04 Cest tout ya!
05 You Never Can Tell (Cest la vie)
06 Lleno de vida!
07 Backyard Lady
08 Choucroute a la Allemand
09 Big coup
10 The Gator Groove
11 Just Do It
12 Una cerveza y dos copa de vino
13 Last Island