The Nouve - Analogue Souls In Digital Times (CD) (5871774924953)

The Nouve - Analogue Souls In Digital Times (CD)


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With "Analogue Souls In Digital Times" the indie collective around the charismatic head and songwriter Robert Nouve follows the original wave and post-punk development of the 80s underground and delivers, as usual, demanding and intensive songs for head, heart and dancefloor. A completely logical development for Nouve himself, who only presented his current novel Drüben last fall: “Even when we recorded our last record Greatest Hits, we felt the vibe and the reputation of electronics. With the new sounds we've almost become more eighties than eighties without losing our style or copying anything. We only realized how much we followed music history and got close to many of our musical role models from the good old days when we finished it.” Thanks to the cross-genre and cross-scene art claim, the album comes up with a lot of freshness and versatility.
The pre-single "Forever And A Day", which is already rotating in the clubs, with its deep and driving beats and a catchy and danceable melody, is an example of the classic and innovative approach of the album. The songs pull the listener into their own world of sound from the very first minute and take them on an intensive and energetic trip through the entire range of variations of the electronic synth underground of the eighties. In his lyrics, which become more and more sophisticated from album to album, Nouve deals with the intellectual emptiness of the post-capitalist zeitgeist, the disorientation of society and the lost individual within it. At the end there is a hidden track for a straight tender farewell. Analogue Souls In Digital Times will be released on CD and audiophile heavyweight vinyl. The CD contains a bonus track. The vinyl first edition will be strictly limited, hand-numbered and with hand-finished artwork. The special edition, which is only available via the website, also includes a tape with an additional non-album track.

01 Stereotactics
02 Kekesfalva
03 The Love That Kills The Heart
04 Parasites
05 Forever And A Day
06 The Loop
07 Whitewashed Hearts
08 Collateral