Kensington Road

Keep your feet still? Stay cool? That´s nearly impossible with Berlin based band KENSINGTON ROAD. Everybody´s instantly hooked on their modern and international sound that´s combining Indie Rock with Alternative Pop. The five guys from Berlin just released their new album SEX DEVILS OCEAN (08-13-2021) and it debuted on #13 in the German Album Charts. With their tales of friendship, confidence and having each other’s backs but also of stumbling, falling and getting back up on your feet – SEX DEVILS OCEAN speaks right to the heart. Especially in times like these KENSINGTON ROAD is giving the finger to all personal and public insecurities but always keeps a positive attitude. Far from all standard rock cliches with pure energy and a passionate live performance – real, authentic no BS! Authentic songs that are down to earth without any cheap thrills – after thousands of miles touring Europe, the hard-working band knows exactly what their music is about.

„It’s the mysterious nature of some rock stars that keeps the light of their popularity burning brightly even after they’ve gone, or given up making music. However, it is, usually, another quality that allows groups to gain massive followings and travel the world. These groups are able to provide people with what they want at that particular time. That’s what the three-minute rock single has gifted us with. Some, who were truly great at presenting themselves to the world, your Jim Morrisons or Kurt Cobains, knew both the value of a good mystery story, as well as the importance of an earworm of a single that could penetrate the charts. German group Kensington Road have similar values in mind as they craft Ghost Mountain, an eerie long story of a rock tune, complete with echoing guitars and witch-doctor chanting. It could get them a place on the charts, or a horde of fanatical listeners. We hope that it does both these things.“ (