Kensington Road - Sex Devils Ocean (12" vinyl album)
Kensington Road - Sex Devils Ocean (12" vinyl album)

Kensington Road - Sex Devils Ocean (12" vinyl album)


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The new album from Kensington Road - available for pre-order now! Delivery for the release on August 13th, 2021.


Keep your feet still? Stay cool? Only ice-cold guys can do that with the songs of the Berlin band KENSINGTON ROAD. Everyone else is immediately hooked on the band's modern, international sound, which skilfully bridges the gap between indie rock and alternative pop. Authentic songs that get by without bells and whistles - because after thousands of kilometers in the tour bus through all of Europe and countless live shows, the “hard-working band” knows exactly what they are singing about.

With stories of friendship, solidarity and confidence, but also stumbling, falling and getting up again, SEX DEVILS OCEAN goes straight to the heart. Especially in times like these, KENSINGTON ROAD show all social and personal insecurities the finger and always remain positive. Far from the usual rock clichés, the band lures the audience from their reserves with forward-pushing energy and a passionate live show. Real, authentic, no bullshit.

“Electrifying songs with battle-tested riffs, tingling melodies and a high density of instruments. Original and exciting - rock that is fun without being fun. "(KN)

Side A:

01 Ghost Mountain

02 Living In A Lumidor

03 Duke of Persico

04 Class Of 9205 Pablito Pablito

Side B:

01 Sex Devils Ocean

02 Change is good

03 Into The Universe

04 Red Light

05 Steve Shoeman

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