Fady Maalouf - City of Gold (CD) (5871682814105)

Fady Maalouf - City of Gold (CD)


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As a cosmopolitan who is always looking for new challenges, Fady Maalouf has found his musical oasis with his third album "City of Gold". A rebirth of the singer, who shows his rebellious side with the new production and consciously fights his way against the stream.
City of Gold was written with a lot of passion and love. All instruments were recorded live to maintain the organic content and authenticity of the sound, with no restrictive rules and away from today's polished one-size-fits-all productions. Each song tells a special story and the entire work resembles a storybook.
With the help of its producer Bernd Klimpel and the lyricists Charlie Mason, Dimitri Ehrlich and Scott English, this disc with an exotic flair was created under the pen of Fady Maalouf. The journey begins and Fady invites the listener to discover themselves.

01 City of gold
02 Neyla
03 Shadows
04 Lonely
05 Hey
06 sky dancers
07 Rita
08 Save my day
09 Mirage
10 Diamonds