Marius Tilly Band - Blue Colors Red Lights (CD) (5871682551961)

Marius Tilly Band - Blue Colors Red Lights (CD)


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After two years on the road, with over 100 live performances in German rock and blues clubs (among others with the Blues Company, Rudy Rotta, Peewee Bluesgang) and 700 EPs sold, the Marius Tilly Band releases their first album: "Blue Colors, Red Lights". . The trio's energetic songs spark a captivating dynamic that is second to none, both live and in the studio. With the focus on songwriting, Marius Tilly has found his very own voice over the years, which is just as authentic as it is timeless. The exceptional talents Benjamin Oppermann and Max Wastl know better than any other rhythm group how to implement the band's musical concept.

01 Mr Mule
02 Stop
03 Out of these days
04 Sometimes
05 Fool for You
06 Save my Soul
07 To My Knees
08 Maybe
09 I Want You
10 Poor Boy
11 Coldhearted King
12 Free