Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics - The Blue Side Of… (CD) (5871712534681)

Richie Arndt & The Bluenatics - The Blue Side Of… (CD)


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Of course, the band also has samples of different varieties of the blues in stock. The album offers a great selection, whether in the funky-soul version or mixed with some country. Arndt delivers a lot of wah-wah sound in "The Bad Thang" with Dieter Kropp on the harp. The ballad on the record, I think, is "Trouble Has Taken The Crown" from the CD "Voodoo" (2003).
The beautifully designed booklet with lots of pictures is always a pleasure to pick up when listening to the disc. "The Blue Side Of ..." stretches a great roof over the previous work of one of the leading blues rock trios in Germany. On the fifteenth birthday, the reflection on the past is justified and at the same time fuels the anticipation of new releases.

01 Little Brother O'mine
02 One after
03 Drowning in my soul
04 Anything you want me to do
05 They don't make them like you anymore
06 Make your mind up
07 The bad thing
08 Trouble has taken the crown
09 rebel rock
10 I can see clearly now
11 You've done me wrong
12 Rory
13 Sweet little angel
14 It's not always the easy way
15 When the train comes
16 Iron, speed & steam
17 Mississippi