Richie Arndt - Train Stories (CD) (5871712239769)

Richie Arndt - Train Stories (2CD)


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What do Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Rory Gallagher and the Beatles have in common? They have all written legendary "trainsongs", songs about vagabonds, about railroad romance and the great freedom.
The Bielefeld blues guitarist Richie Arndt has collected these pearls of music history on his new album. He plays it live on his acoustic guitar and occasionally acts as a narrator, providing insight into music history and reporting on his own 30-year stage career. (Source: Klenkes)
In addition to the music CD, the new “Train Stories” double album comes with an extra audio book with Richie Arndt as narrator and solo performer. Richie Arndt combines his own experiences as a musician and teacher with the history of the American railway and its legendary "Trainsongs". 

disk 1
01 One after 909
02 Marrakesh express
03 Mystery train
04 California sunsets
05 Rock island line
06 Iron, speed & steam
07 downtown train
08 Down there by the train
09 Breakneck rain
10 That evening train
11 Get on board
12 Aching train
13 night train
14 Just before I go

disk 2
01 Chapter 1 [set 2 Track 1 From "train Stories"]
02 Trailroad bill
03 Chapter 2 [set 2 Track 3 From "train Stories"]
04 Hobo blues
05 Chapter 3 [set 2 Track 5 From "train Stories"]
06 Hear my train a comin'
07 Chapter 4 [set 2 Track 7 From "train Stories"]
08 Midnight special
09 Chapter 5 [set 2 Track 9 From "train Stories"]
10 Jonky tonk train blues
11 Chapter 6 [set 2 Track 11 From "train Stories"]
12 five hundred miles
13 Chapter 7 [set 2 Track 13 From "train Stories"]
14 Empire state express
15 Chapter 8 [set 2 Track 15 From "train Stories"]
16 Rock island line