The 6th Son Of Anderson Lee - Bangkok (CD) (5871755002009)

The 6th Son Of Anderson Lee - Bangkok (CD)

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Making a living from DIY is almost impossible, but living DIY works – you just have to do it.
So Nils locked himself in the YeahYeahYeah Studios in Hamburg and tinkered with his own songs for the first time. In doing so, he processed his love for 60's beat and southern rock and formed it into a complete work that sounds more like the soundtrack of a Californian road movie than like northern German country life. No wonder, because on »Bangkok« he only used recording technology and instruments from the 1960s and 1970s. The guitars are always in the foreground, rhythmically he pulls out all the stops, from tambourines to bongos to cowbells. Nils' voice is sometimes soulful, sometimes bluesy and sometimes even reminiscent of surf punk heroes from days gone by. This is what freedom and wanderlust taste like.
In the studio he recorded all the instruments himself - it's all about music and the craft itself. So away from plastic and back to music!
In the fall of 2016, Nils finished recording »Bangkok« and focused on the live implementation. As if Bremen's music scene were a supermarket, he helped himself to bands such as Mörser, Minion and Stun.

01 Keep Your Head Up
02 I Won't Come Back
03 Don't Make Me Run
04 Whom The Gods Love Die Young
05 Crystal Salt Tequila Shots
06 Never Get What I Need
07 I feel safe
08 Amble Through The Old Town
09 How Walk Through Fire
10 Keep It Dark
11 Go To Hell