The Nouve - Greatest Hits (CD) (5871727214745)

The Nouve - Greatest Hits (CD)


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Around ten years after the debut album The Last Goodbye Is Not Always The End, which was released in 2006, the new album by the indie band project The Nouve will be released in spring 2016.
Under the programmatic title Greatest Hits, mastermind and songwriter Robert Nouve has once again invited highly qualified guests to create eleven highly remarkable and catchy song pearls with him.
Stylistically, the whole thing moves in the broad spectrum that is typical for Nouve's work, between anthemic rock, sophisticated indie pop, recourse to the sound aesthetics and energy of punk, wave and underground as well as intimate ballad-esque moments with the addition of catchy pop melodies and intelligent lyrics, in short: the mixture for which Nouve once invented the specific genre of depressive pop. Sonically, it was all enhanced by mixing by John Agnello and mastering by Scott Hull, both recognized figures in their fields and with too long a list of exceptional achievements in the music business to list here.
Despite or perhaps because of the completely analogue and musically intensive sound, comparisons with the early works of bands such as New Order, The Cure, Nick Cave or the Sisters Of Mercy will accompany the listener throughout the entire album.

01 Great Expectations
02 These Sisters
03 Careful What You Wish For
04 Zacchanasial
05 Off The Brink
06 Still Untrue
07 What We All Want
08Annie Moore
09 The Promise
10 Swan Song
11 The Thrill Inside