Tom Krimi - Why don’t we (LP + Bonus CD) (5871674851481)

Tom Krimi - Why don't we (LP + Bonus CD)


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Life is a thriller, says Tom and writes the soundtrack for the gray area between intention and execution, for the long five o'clock tea of ​​the soul, where you take a seat at the kidney table and with the Lord of the biscuits the clues of fate in the dim light from a floor lamp while an early Elvis Costello disc spins in the run-out groove on the turntable. No cucumber sandwiches are served here, but honest pastries.
Tom Krimi has refined the art of songwriting on his second solo album, enters into lateral arabesques for purely hedonistic reasons and sometimes acts as a crooner when necessary. As a day traveler in a tailor-made suit, he travels in slow motion so as not to lose sight of the details. Like the click of a revolver in Russian roulette or the sadness in Mary's eyes. This cultivated understatement is unbelievable, although all the songs were actually written long ago and yet Tom Krimi has managed to create an album with verve and elegance that still has an effect when the music has long since stopped playing.

01 Blue Boredom
02 Candy
03 Apathy
05 Cubic
06 Mary
07 drink, drink, drink
08 Mother Up Above
09 Tomorrow Night
10 I Don't Like You
11 Why Don't We
12 You're Ok
13 Thirteen