Tony McLoughlin, Marlon Klein - Where Is Jack (CD) (5871738814617)

Tony McLoughlin, Marlon Klein - Where Is Jack (CD)

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If you read the biographies of the two musicians, you might get the impression that Tony McLoughlin and Marlon Klein didn't necessarily have to have crossed paths. Singer and guitarist McLoughlin comes from Northern Ireland, he calls his background "Celtic", probably there are also Vikings in his family tree. His name can be translated as "Son of the deep water". The debut album "Cinerama" from 2000 was produced by US producer Thomm Jutz (who, however, comes from the Black Forest). He also worked with Nanci Griffith and Mary Gauthier, among others. McLoughlin's name is often associated with Nashville, and his songs are sorted under "Americana". “Today, Americana stands for music that incorporates elements from rock, country, blues, folk and other roots music. For me, the best example of Americana is “The Band,” McLoughlin refers to a legend from the sixties and seventies. So he sees it as praise that people see his CD releases as Americana. "Maybe it's my innate style," he comments with a wink.

01 Another Poor Rider
02 Eagle Eye
03 Where is Jack
04 I'm On My Way
05 Only You
06 Heart Of Darkness
07 bombmaker
08 People
09 Sacred Nights
10 Spanish boots
11 Red Light Love