VerwöhnAroma - s/t (CD) (6145666973849)

Pampering aroma - s/t (CD)


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Five rock musicians from Berlin play German Schlager classics.
Why ? – Because they love them, and because it's fun. And because they have these classics in their musical DNA.
Now PamperingAroma is finally available on CD. Unfortunately, the band's four-hour live repertoire didn't quite fit on the CD, but there are a few jewels: MENDOCINO opens the dance, this fanfare that leads every fan straight to the epicenter of the hit wave. Once you're in the wave, Udo Jürgens has to pay the due tribute: VerwöhnAroma says at 17 YEARS, BLONDE HAIR and BUT PLEASE WITH CREAM "Thank you, Udo!"
The fact that A NEW LOVE is LIKE A NEW LIFE, that CONNY KRAMER died completely unnecessarily and that LOVE CHANGING isn't worth it follows almost logically, but that's not the end of the story by a long shot ... just this disc.
Anyone who embarks on this CD-turned-time journey into the era of the ZDF hit parade will be rewarded with a melodious mixture of retro repertoire, rock riffs, romance and audible respect for the titans of skilful light music.

01 Mendocino
02 Seventeen years old, blond hair
03 A new love is like a new life
04 On the day Conny Kramer died
05 But please with cream
06 Lovesickness is not worth it