Volkwin Müller - Auf dem Weg (CD) (5871817261209)

Volkwin Müller - On the way (CD)

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On his new album "Auf dem Weg" Volkwin Müller is dynamic and forward-looking. The Detmold songwriter has been going his own way for years and has developed significantly since his last album and found his own unmistakable style.
Musically strongly influenced by guitars and the unmistakable voice of the Detmold, Volkwin takes the listener on a journey through his environment and his experiences. Always relaxed and with a lot of feeling, he presents twelve strong titles that ensure that the listener finds himself in his own mental cinema.
There are songs on the album that seem like road movies and are ideal music for the road and for car rides.
In his producer Uli Kringler, Volkwin Müller has found someone who knows how to stage the album perfectly and has once again proved to be a lucky hand in putting together the right accompanying musicians.

01 street song
02 I have to tell you something
03 Because you are valuable
04 Can you hear it
05 Get going
06 Only you are like that
07 Just a small click
08 shadows on the wall
09 Do you hear your song
10 persistence
11 Dance with me
12 over the years