Volkwin Müller & Friends - Strawberry Songs (CD) (5871680749721)

Volkwin Müller & Friends - Strawberry Songs (CD)


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Strawberry Songs by Volkwin Müller & Friends is a passionate tribute to music legend John Lennon. This isn't just another tribute album. Rather, Volkwin has dealt intensively with the songs of the legendary Liverpooler, reduced them to their actual core and reinterpreted them in a surprising way with very special guests.
The recordings of the songs are so fragile and beautiful that questions about song selection, differences to the originals and interpretation intentions hardly arise. Volkwin treats the Lennon songs respectfully but not submissively. His voice carries the lines carefully and devotedly into the present, mostly only carried by acoustic guitars.

,,Not an easy thing, but the way he implemented this project can without a doubt be described as highly successful. Only rarely did he follow the original arrangements, an approach with which he teased out previously unknown qualities, especially from the songs that at first glance would seem to have the least potential for development." (Good Times, April / May 2013)

01 Real love
02 Strawberry fields for ever
03 Norwegian wood
04 In my life
05 Isolation
06 Jealous guy
07 Nowhere man
08 Oh my love
09 Woman
10 With a little heep from my friends
11 All you need is love
12 Imagine
13 working class hero