Volkwin Müller - LIVE (2CD) (5871685402777)

Volkwin Müller - LIVE (2CD)

Fuego 1938

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The double CD "Volkwin Müller & Co. - LIVE" contains a total of 24 titles. The first CD is entitled "Covers" and contains compositions by Lennon/McCartney, Sting, George Harrison, Mark Knopfler and Gallagher/Lyle. The second CD entitled “Own Songs” contains songs penned by Volkwin. With the trio "Volkwin & Co.", the band leader Volkwin Müller has found the formation with which he can implement his ideas of his own songs and various versions of his own rock and pop music milestones. "We played the cover songs in a special packaging that I would have always liked to hear," says Müller. And so "Volkwin & Co. - Live" can present the band leader Volkwin as a fantastic singer and good guitarist - masterfully staged by his long-time companion Mike Turnbull and his brother Wolfgang. The CD "Own Songs" contains titles from Volkwin's program "Signals" and also two new pieces, "It's over" and "Air to live". With these concert recordings from a total of four years, listeners and followers of Volkwin & Co. get everything they expect from a "Volkwin & Co." concert: the hammer version of Sting's "Tea in Sahara", performed by percussionist Mike Turnbull Beatles classic "Come together" and the original composition "Deutschland" with which Volkwin & Co. was seen several times on television, including on WDR (Klingendes NRW). But also the intimate moments that Volkwin celebrates with Sting's "Roxanne" and his own song "Invisible sun" make this live album a pearl in every folk music collection. When you hear this album again and again, you know that it's here Music is played with great emotionality and a lot of passion, which leads to a growing fan base in the long term.And you sit there and enjoy it - as if you were in the middle of the audience.

disk 1
01 Tea in Sahara
02 Water of love
03 Here comes the sun
04 Every breath you take
05 Help!
06 In my life
07 Walking on the moon
08 A heart in New York
09 Roxanne
10 come together
11 Message in a bottle
12 Get back

disk 2
01 It's over
02 More together than apart
03 cab
04 You are good for me
05 My day
06 Lehmann
07 Air to live
08 Your signals
09 Swings and roundabouts
10 Invisible sun
11 Germany
12 Was that all?