Volkwin Müller - Mit anderen Augen (CD) (5871730229401)

Volkwin Müller - With Different Eyes (CD)

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Hamburg has always been one of the most important music cities in Germany, which not only goes back to the early days of the Beatles, but is mainly due to Hamburg's current musical life with a diverse mix of classical, pop, musicals and important festivals. The songwriter Volkwin Müller, who lives in Detmold, also made his way to the Elbe to fulfill a dream: to record an album in his favorite city with first-class musicians.
Directed by the exceptional Hamburg guitarist and producer Uli Kringler (Sarah Connor, Roger Cicero, Pe Werner, Paul O'Brian, among others), who has already contributed to the album "Paints and Powders" by Julian Dawson or "Paul O'Brian - Live in Hamburg". has breathed its unmistakable breath. The team was supported by first-class musicians, such as what is probably Europe's busiest drummer, Heinz Lichius (including Bob Mintzer, Michel Petrucciani, Ulla Meinecke Band, NDR Bigband), bassist Lars Hansen (including Ute Lemper, Gordon Haskell, NDR Symphonie Orchester), the pianist and keyboarder Mathias "Matze" Kloppe (including Roachford, Stefan Gwildis), the songwriter and harp player Julian Dawson (including Richard Thompson, BAP, Little Feat), the choristers Fontaine Burnett (including Marla Glenn, Chaka Khan, The Temptations) and Amsterdam-based Hanna Prins, Hamburg cellist Susanne Schott and Moscow-born violinist Julia Orlova (including Tim Bendzko, musicals “Rocky” and “The Lion King”). Volkwin's new CD was mixed and mastered by Tobias Eichelberg (including Scorpions, Die Toten Hosen unplugged, Rainbirds).
The special cover artwork was created by graphic artist, bassist and two-time Grammy winner Klaus Voormann, who was there everywhere - with Manfred Mann as bassist, as graphic artist with the Beatles, later as bassist in John Lennon's solo years. Hardly any other place contains as much serenity and joy in music as Uli Kringler's studio in Finkenwerder on the Elbe. And that's exactly why Volkwin's new album was created on this spot. A perfect place to record your music during the day and to sit on a terrace or on the dyke in the evening far away from the stress and hustle and bustle in the sunset, to watch the ships over the Elbe, to enjoy a delicious glass of red wine and to gain strength and energy for the collect next day of admission. Then the next day, to record powerful loud and quiet songs that tell stories from life and speak straight from the heart. "With other eyes" shows a versatility and depth that only a few German songwriters create. 100% Volkwin inspired by soft influences like Jackson Browne, Justin Currie (Del Amitri) or David Crosby.
The result was twelve songs about moments that you never forget, about solidarity, about friendship, about love, loss and a change of perspective. Musical moments full of images and emotions that are seldom so beautifully dressed in words and melodies. Intense and upbeat, "With Different Eyes" offers impressive levels of musical and emotional intimacy. A mature work that encourages you to look at your own life with a little more distance, in order to perhaps see it with different eyes in the end.
Volkwin proves to be a talented songwriter in search of the perfect song, who, with the support of producer Uli Kringler, is looking for the right musical realization for his stories. With these twelve songs, he creates catchy tunes that wrap the listener warmly, as if to protect them from the approaching autumn with its rainy weather and stormy winds. And that works extremely well. The music takes you on a journey into the universe, from which you don't want to come back anytime soon.
With ballads like "It stays in your heart" or "You'll still be surprised" your heart immediately melts. The song "Solidarity" goes back to an encounter with the former Polish President Lech Walesa and is currently more relevant than ever. This song is accompanied by finely arranged strings. The songs "Jeder" or "Es ist über" get your feet pumping and are the finest pop with a small pinch of folk. "When You Catch Your Song" describes the magic of music and songwriting.
The Detmold songwriter with the special voice has impressively returned with this album after his debut "Signale" (2005) and the much acclaimed "Strawberry Songs" (2012) with completely new interpretations of "John Lennon" songs and has proven himself that he has evolved as a songwriter.

01 Solidarity
02 It's over
03 You want it
04 It stays in your heart
05 Something happened here
06 When angels fly
07 everyone
08 You will still be surprised
09 father and son
10 When you catch your song
11 When one leaves
12 Nobody can take you anymore